Itanos (GR)

Site name Itanos
GPS Coordinates 35°15’47.78″N
Coordinate System: WGS 84
Zone: 35N
Extension >10ha
Site description The site has been the focus of intensive excavations in the past, which have shown habitation during the LM 1A and 1B, the Dark Ages/Protogeometric, Geometric, Archaic, Hellenistic, Roman and 1st Byzantine periods. During the period of 1996-2001, the site has been also the target of geophysical prospection techniques. A tower, basilicas, part of the cemetery and the fortification walls have been excavated or they are exposed. The ancient port (a depression reaching about 40m depth) seems to have been completely covered by alluvium deposits.
Threats Part of the site (the ancient port) has been covered completely by alluvial deposits, which have covered the port completely down to a depth of about 30-40m below the current surface. Parts of the site have been also collapsed and submerged below the sea level due to tectonic and seismic activity.
Hazard assessment Land movement
Itanos, aerial view.
Itanos, aerial view.