The Program of the Intermediate Conference of RESEARCH is now online!

Project RESEARCH intermediate Conference is organized by UNITUS and will be held in Viterbo on the 3rd of November 2022. The program includes presentations about the vulnerability of archaeological heritage, hazard and risk assessment, the GIS platform built by the Project and the related archaeological database. Preliminary Project results will be illustrated by Project participants. The conference will be also an opportunity to discuss further Project developments.

If you are interested in online participation, please contact one of the organizers via e-mail (Stefano De Angeli:; Fabiana Battistin:

The Program of the Third Summer School of RESEARC is now online!

The Third Summer School of RESEARCH project will be held in Viterbo (Italy) from the 31st of October to the 2nd of November 2022. 

The Summer School is organized by UNITUS, and it is designed to train young scholars and researchers, promote collaboration, bring closely the various techniques of RS for archaeological site mapping, exchange knowledge between the different fields of remote sensing and cultivate a dynamic dialogue between academia and the private sector.

Please register by contacting one of the organizers (e-mail address on the program sheet). Please, also state your preference for physical or online participation.

RESEARCH Intermediate Conference

The Intermediate Conference of Project RESEARCH will be held in Viterbo (Italy) on the 3rd of November 2022. The program will be published in the next few days on this website.